Floor Care in Brea

Floor Care For Businesses in Brea

Do you need commercial floor care Brea? We are the right company for you. Our business cleaning services include stripping and waxing of vinyl tile floors, and grout cleaning for ceramic tile floors.

Services For Floor Care Brea

In the process for vinyl tile floors, we remove old floor finishes by using commercial machines. Emphasis is on removing the old floor finish from the floor, and along the baseboards. Floors are then rinsed with neutral floor cleaner, and we apply several coats of high gloss floor finish. The appearance will have a high gloss appearance, once the work has been completed.

After the floors have been waxed, floors can be burnished using a commercial floor burnisher. The burnisher applies heat to the waxed floors, creating a high gloss wet look. This procedure is typically done, as part of a maintenance program.

For ceramic tile floors, we scrub the tile floor using a commercial high pressure water machine with vacuum. The high pressure machine cleans both the tile and grout. The vacuum extracts the dirt, grime, and accumulation of spills. Once the floor tile and the grout is clean, the floor is rinsed using neutral cleaner. The tile appearance will now be clean including the grout around the tiles.

Brea businesses can depend on us for commercial cleaning services.

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